January 01, 2018 1 min read


A warm welcome to 2018!  Happy New Year, and thank you for all your support for Magpie.Kiwi in 2017.

The pundits say, or so I'm told,
that this year will be bold and gold.
If you like silver, and don't care,
just wear that with both dash and flair.

Gold and silver are colours, just like red and blue, and although not everybody suits both gold and silver, a combination of those colours suits almost everyone.  If you wear warm colours, like red, yellow, orange or beige, then gold is likely to be your preference, but people who wear cool colours like blue, sea green and lilac are more likely to suit silver.  Having said that, silver and red are a wonderful combination, as are rich blues and gold.  Try using a combination of silver and gold, heavy on the silver if that's your preference, or on the gold if that suits you best.

Take a look at some of the combinations in our collection - you might be surprised at how well they work.


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