October 25, 2017 2 min read


I have just added this to my advice pages and thought it might be good to blog it too. 

Sorry gents, this one is mostly for the ladies!  Although you may get something from it too.

I’ve been selling jewellery for over thirty years, and selling jewellery is a little bit like being a barmaid.  You become privy to all sorts of personal information, you’re treated to a lot of other people’s family history, and there’s often a tendency for your customers to try and involve you in emotional scenarios.  And I love all of it.

That’s because jewellery is very, very personal.  It’s even more personal than underwear, because jewellery is (usually!) more visible than underwear.  It is the accessory that sets you apart from your friends and colleagues because the choices you make reflect your personality.  And there it is; the accent to your business outfit that shows people who you are.

When you’re buying jewellery to accessorise your business outfits remember that it will also reflect your business persona, so here are a few simple guidelines to follow. 

  •  Wear a brooch OR a necklace, never both at the same time. (The Queen is the only one who can really get away with that look.)
  • Wear earrings, they’re flattering and complement your face, but never wear dangles to a meeting – they’ll distract everybody from the important points you’re trying to make.
  • Rings are great, wear one or two on each hand, and for a power look wear a forefinger ring. Don’t stack lots of fiddly stone set rings in different designs all the way up your finger, unless it’s a set designed to be worn that way.  It’s messy and looks scatter brained.
  • Bangles and bracelets should be worn sparingly and shouldn’t jingle – music to your ears may not be music to everybody else’s. If you’re wearing long sleeves leave them off altogether.
  • Instead of bangles and bracelets try wearing a tailored shirt with cufflinks – it’s a great business look.


Your jewellery style may be ultra-modern, preppy, or have a yester-year tendency; whichever it is I hope the comments above will help you wear it wisely.

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