April 08, 2018 1 min read

Yes, we've been away but I have been VERY remiss about keeping up to date with my blog.  I had intended to post all sorts of travelly things while we were away but my brain disconnected somehow.  We're back now and I will endeavour to keep you updated!  The trip was to Sri Lanka where we met old friends from all over the world; a wonderful place to visit, with temples and monkeys and elephants and all things Asian.  It is largely Buddhist, so very peaceful and friendly.  Yes, I know, what about the Tamil Tigers?  They are long gone and the country has come back to itself.  We did adventurous things and contemplative things and ate too much of the wonderful local cuisine.   

Here is NZ we're into Autumn and shorter evenings, and are very close to ANZAC Day.  With that in mind, here is a wee reminder that we have some wonderful red poppy jewellery; wear it any time but also in remembrance of the ANZACs. 


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