November 19, 2017 2 min read


With the best will in the world it's often difficult to get the choice of jewellery for somebody else exactly right.  Here are some basic guidelines that I think may help when you're choosing a gift for your special person.

First of all, what is his/her style?  Traditional and conservative, modern, ethnic or antique?  Is the jewellery he/she owns inherited or chosen by them?  If it's inherited, maybe a change of style would be refreshing.

Secondly, should it be a necklace, bracelet, earrings, brooch, ring or cuff links?  
Never wears a bracelet?  That may be because he/she doesn't own one and it's time to try it.

Now you'll need to think about colour: gold or silver?  If choosing jewellery set with stones should they be clear or opaque?  Blues and greens or warm reds and yellows?  Take a look at what he/she wears, and check clothing colours.

Finally, what shapes will suit?  If you're buying earrings think of the face shape.  Squarish and rounder faces suit drop earrings with longer lines, or if you're buying ear studs, choose something with a pattern  or texture- flowers or irregular shapes are good.  

Longer face shapes need something a little wider, so if you're buying drop earrings buy a shorter style, i.e. earrings that have their widest point at the jaw line or just above. 

Necklaces: if unsure, check the ones already in the jewellery box, or choose one that can be adjusted in length, a long necklace that can be doubled up to make a short one or go for a pendant that will take a longer or shorter chain.          

Bracelets: a bangle or something with links?  If you're not sure of the size link bracelets can often be lengthened or shortened. Some open bangles and cuffs are also slightly adjustable.

Rings are the hardest to choose because you really need to know the ring size.  If you do, choose finer ring styles and bands for slim hands, and larger rings with interest for larger hands - they're far more flattering because they make the hand look smaller.  

I hope this helps.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you're still uncertain - people often send photographs so I can help.

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