November 12, 2016 1 min read

The passing of one of my favourite artists this week has led to some thoughts on how our lives impact other people.  I once met - for about 5 minutes - Leonard Cohen.  Quite coincidentally, and with a bit of cheek on my part.  It was my 60th birthday and I was at work in my store.  My staff decided to make it special and brought me a surprise cake and present.  Friends called in and excitedly told me that Leonard Cohen was at the coffee shop next door, so my staff dared me to take him a piece of my cake.  I did, he accepted the cake and he couldn't have been more gracious.  Such a little thing but I was touched by the humble attitude of a great artist, and that warm experience has stayed with me.  He could have been dismissive but he wasn't.  It didn't make a difference to my life but it certainly made a difference to my day!  You never know who you will bump into, or how your reaction to them may affect their lives.  Having a bad day?  Give some thought to the people you come into contact with - you could make their day better, or a lot worse.

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