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Yes, winter is here.  I don't know about you but I find this time of year the hardest; we're past the shortest day, but these winter months before spring seem to be when the weather gets colder and wetter, with little respite.  (And what a shock, after our long, hot summer.)  But, the sun's been shining a bit and what a difference that makes!  Down the road from us there is a tree already covered in spring blossom and there are snowdrops and daffodils flowering in the park.  

At this time of year I find I am really tired of autumn and winter clothes but reluctant to buy anything new until spring.  I think this is when jewellery really comes to the fore.  I go through my wee collection and sort out the pieces that make me feel bright and happy, and I wear them.  Lots of them!  There is nothing like a brooch, a pair of earrings or a necklace of coloured gemstones (or all of them!) to spark up a dowdy sweater.  I fall into a pattern of wearing the same pieces with given clothing ensembles, so I try wearing different combinations, sometimes quite quirky.  Maybe it's gold and silver mixed, maybe it's a costume brooch with a pair of gold hoops, maybe it's the earrings I made out of two of my husband's trout fishing flies.  (They're red wool and brown feathers on gold hooks, and I love them.)

I've popped a few photos of some new (old) pieces below, and some pieces that I think are feel-good and easy to wear.  So, experiment and reuse, maybe buy a new something to enliven your existing collection, and wear what makes you feel good.  I do.

x Hanne.

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