October 29, 2016 1 min read

It's been almost a week since Magpie went live and it's all gone pretty well.  We've made some sales and have sold out of a couple of products already - which I am about to reorder, if you are waiting!  I am so thankful that my loyal customers have stood by me; I do appreciate it.  I also really appreciate the encouraging comments, and the helpful ideas I have been given.  

I have spent most of today rewriting SEOs (search engine optimisations) because I think I did it wrong the first time - or maybe I didn't, it's all a great big learning curve!  I have discovered that great god Google has a life and mind of its own - I have read countless articles and nobody really seems to know how it works.  There are scores of different opinions, or maybe I am reading the wrong stuff.  Time alone will tell.

The photo above is there because the design is one of my favourites, the Elements Cuff by LucyQ, but nobody has bought it yet so it probably needs a bit of promoting.  That's it for now - goodnight and sleep tight.

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