October 08, 2017 1 min read


Still waiting for warmer weather - although it is improving - and thinking that the garden has now had quite enough rain to last it a while!  So to lift my spirits, and yours, here's a little more Michael Michaud jewellery.  This time it's the Itty Bitty Shells collection - a really pretty and easy to wear selection based on the tiny wee shells we find when we're sifting sand.  I can imagine it now, warm silky sand between my toes and fingers, a warm breeze, sunlight on the waves......  can't wait. In the meantime, check these out; perfect pieces, carefully fashioned with freshwater pearls and natural stones.

Itty Bitty Shells Drop Pendant

Itty Bitty Shell Drop Earrings

Itty Bitty Shells Bracelet

Itty Bitty Shells Contour Pendant

Itty Bitty Shells Necklace

Itty Bitty Shells Single Drop Earrings


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