May 20, 2018 1 min read


Yes, winter really is coming, though it's hard to believe.  The leaves are steadily falling from the trees here but it's mild, and I've yet to get my winter boots and woollies out.  

However, winter will arrive and you, like me, may want a bit of cheering up when it does.  So, I've put together a collection of new earrings for you; an Art Deco style pendant and earrings set; silver rings; and a lovely bright bracelet design.  Check them out; prices range from NZ $21 to NZ $64.
Plus, our favourite Viveka Earrings are back in stock.     

A winter tip here - it's the season many of us get out our long chains and pearl and bead necklaces to brighten up tops and sweaters - do check the links and threading of your necklaces.  If you see open links in your chains have them repaired, and if your pearl and bead necklaces are showing gaps in the threading, have them re-threaded.  Gappy spaces mean the thread is wearing thin.

Enjoy the mild weather while it lasts!


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