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Ladli's Gemstone Creations

A few years ago I was in Jaipur in India and I visited a vocational school called Ladli, a vocational for girls and young women.  Ladli (which means beautiful girl) is a part of the i-India aid group. 

The school was set up to teach Jaipur street kids a trade, to give them a chance to get off the streets and away from the prostitution and abuse that so many of them suffer.  There are thousands of street kids in India - nobody has exact figures.  There is no accommodation for the children who attend the school; they sleep on the streets and attend the school during the day.  

I was really impressed by the work Ladli and the children were doing and I bought some of the gemstone and silver jewellery they had made, with a view to selling it and sending the proceeds back to the school.  It never made it to our store shelves because at the time it didn't fit with the other collections we were selling, so I simply gave the school a donation.  However, I think its time is now.  

I have made a special place for it on our new website and it is available for sale, with immediate dispatch.  All proceeds will go to the school, as promised.  Ladli has confirmed that they are happy with the concept.

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