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Bespoke Work

Can't find the perfect piece of jewellery?

Whether it's an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a gift or a treat for yourself, I can help.  I love a challenge, and with today's technology communication is easy.  I can work to any budget, and love knowing that the finished piece is exactly what my client wants.

If you are in the Manawatu area I can arrange for a private consultation, or we can work with the internet; email, Skype, Facetime, whatever suits.

Here are a few examples of preliminary designs and the completed piece of jewellery.  (One design is taken straight from a tattoo.)  Whether it's for a simple sketch, a detailed hand drawing or a CAD design the trick is in the interpretation of your idea by someone who understands what your needs are, and then the execution of the design by a skilled craftsman.

I look forward to hearing from you.

mail to:

x Hanne.


Joanne:  "I have been a customer of Hanne’s for many years now and have many pieces of her jewellery, some bespoke and others pieces directly from her store. Hanne has guided me with designs that work for me and pieces that suit me which is really important. She has even got me wearing rings! She has taken time to work with me and we end up with beautiful, wearable works of art which are a pleasure to wear. Each and every piece of jewellery gets commented on how stunning and unusual it is, and how well it suits me. Whenever I need a piece of jewellery designed, or want something unusual, Hanne is always the first place I go."

Anna:  "Hanne is an incredibly knowledgeable and generous source of advice regarding all things jewellery. When I lost a Deco Echo earring (which I’d bought from her years earlier, when she was running a different business even), she was amazing - even better than I could have hoped. She contacted the designer directly and arranged for them to manufacture and send me a single replacement for the one I lost. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Hanne and her services. She is my first go-to when I need jewellery advice, and her simple silver jewellery ranges have been my favourite for years (I used to eagerly await their arrival in the shop!)."


Lightening Ridge Jelly Opal set in Sterling Silver and Rose Gold



 Aquamarine Pendant in Silver (Art Deco Style)



Citrine Ring in 9k Gold and Silver (Contemporary Design)



Aquamarine Ring in Platinum (Art Deco Style)



Amethyst Pendant in 18k Gold and Silver (Contemporary/Art Deco Design)



 Carved Titanium Ring (Pacifica Style)