Threepenny Earrings; Drops on Chains: The Coin Collection

Threepenny pieces, also known as thruppence, were legal currency in NZ from 1933 until 1965.  The coins I use in this collection are all vintage, pre-1948, so have a high silver content (50%), unlike later versions. 

These little coins hang on sterling silver chains and hooks, are light weight and so easy to wear for either casual or formal occasions.  Because they are on chains they turn to show the reverse (tail), two Maori patu, crossed.  They measure 6cm long, including the hooks.

Presented in a Magpie.Kiwi gift box.

In stock and can be dispatched within 2 working days.

Priced in NZ dollars.

If you have coins of your own and would like them made into jewellery, please contact me.